Thursday, 13 May 2010

Extending the Roof Bars

I've been wondering about a better way to carry my sea kayak on the car for some time. My roof bars are in a fixed position, only just over 2 feet apart. They are wide aero bars, and also have a slight curve in them. The latter can be of no practical use at all and I think is just to make them follow the roof line. The car, a Honda CRV, is also quite high, making J bars a non-starter. All this makes getting an 18 foot boat up and down a bit of a nightmare.
With my old plastic sea boat it wasn't a problem using Thule kayak bars, which are fine for river boats, but don't seem so secure with a bigger composite boat.
After a bit of thought I asked Kari-tek if they could make me a bolt on extension. They've just come up with the goods.

It looks a lot more secure for the boat, and it'll be much easier to load it over the back of the car. It's a fiddle to attach, and I may get back to them to see if they could make a bracket to fit into the channels on the bars. The uprights in the pictures are the Thule ones, which don't need taken off to fit it.


  1. What an excellent idea! Would make loading from the rear much easier on our Chev Tracker. Will be looking into it from our side of the "water". Cheers, Duncan.

  2. Excellent! They look easy to load the boat on to single handed from the back of the car.
    I have a well scratched patch on the roof of my old Renault Scenic.