Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ardnamurchan, day 1

It's one of the major geographical landmarks of the UK, as being the most westerly point of the mainland. The Ardnamurchan peninsula also has a narrow "neck" which makes a circumnavigation almost a possibility.
A long weekend and a forecast for light winds had me heading for the tiny village of Salen, which lies on Loch Sunart

The big high pressure over the country had brought warmth and sun to the east coast, but here on the west everything was grey.

Loch Sunart was glassy calm as I headed for the islands of Carna and Oronsay, which mark the offshoot of Loch Teacuis. This is remote from roads, and the narrow channels and fast tides running from it make it a challenging destination for yachts. Even now at neap tides the current was running quickly.

A few boats were hiding among the inlets.
I headed for Auliston Point for the evening. On the OS map this seems important enough to be given capital letters. I thought it would have big views round 270 degrees, but the weather made it a pretty dreich spot. It did, however, have a reasonable supply of firewood. It also, as I started to find out the following night, had a huge number of ticks. I'm still finding them now, 3 days later.

I'd forgotten to take a phone, so my only company was the coastguard and a bottle of wine.

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