Monday, 24 June 2013

Finally home

Home at last. 47 days paddling over 8 weeks, and the biggest adventure I've had for a long time. A lot of it was very challenging in one way or another, the word "fun" is probably 4th or 5th of the adjectives I might use to describe it, but it feels like a big thing finished.
The welcome home party didn't go quite as planned. CWW junior (2) paddled out to meet me, but, quite bizarrely, we completely missed each other. A team had to be sent out to look for him and bring him back for the fizzy stuff.
I've a lot of pictures to sort out. Since the weather was mostly unpleasant to OK there probably aren't many wonderful ones. I'll try and get a summary of each section on here eventually. There wasn't a single day warm enough for me to paddle without a cag on, and if I didn't have a fleece under it I usually regretted it.
It was, for someone of advancing years, physically very demanding. Partly this was the unseasonably cold weather for the first half, partly it was the difficulties of launching and landing when paddling on my own.
Included, however, was the finest week of paddling I have ever known- Ullapool to Durness in conditions varying from flat calm to huge swell, with big surf and fierce down draughts thrown in.

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  1. Congratulations Iain, and very well done for keeping going in the coldest May/June for years. Look forward to seeing the trip unfold here

    Kind regards