Sunday, 28 April 2013

Last post for a while

Though I'll be keeping in touch via twitter (link above). This afternoon Mrs CWW is going to to deliver me to the Solway Coast, for the start of my Big Paddle/ mid life crisis.
I'm now extremely anxious, and very aware of the comfort that ordinary routines bring. The forecast for tomorrow is pretty blowy, so it looks as if I'll be twiddling my thumbs on the campsite (probably Sandyhills) for a day before departure. That's not going to help the nerves either. On the plus side, the wind looks like settling for quite a while afterwards, and there is a good chance of some company for the Arran to Oban stretch.
Just to make me look a bit wimpish, Sarah Houten is setting off to row the Pacific, alone, about now. She looks both tougher and a lot younger than me, though.
I had a good send off from work yesterday. I now have all sorts of devices to help if I need a pee when at sea, and an inflatable companion called Wilson (a close relative of the famous football).


  1. Good luck with the paddle Iain, a fantastic adventure!

    Kind regards

  2. Best of luck, looking forward to reading about it.