Sunday, 20 June 2010

Where's the Water?

Rivers are very low just now- I can't remember such a dry start to the summer. Where's the water hasn't registered much over a scrape level for ages, and the Tay is the only river near us with water.

The section at Stanley is still fun, even at low water. I've had a trip here with one of the CWW lads recently- he enjoyed popping out at the weir-

But that water is shallow, and I didn't fancy a head plant in it!.
I also had a trip down from the Isla Bridge with Jonathon, son of a friend. It was his first paddling trip. He's a Ray Mears survival enthusiast and had an emergency kit that was heavier that the boat! It was a lovely day with big bouncy waves down through the Thistlebrig Rapid.
The boat is a Sevylor inflatable- far comfier than a proper open boat for those of us with creaking knees.

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