Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ardnamurchan, day 3

At low tide my sandy beach became a field of kelp covered boulders- a nightmare to launch from, involving lots of slippery shuttling back and forward with gear. Again low cloud obscured everything, the coast sometimes being invisible from 100 yards away.
There are a few houses scattered along the coast, some in tiny communities such as Fascadale.

Others are remote holiday hideaways.

This is a remote and beautiful coast. Clearer weather would have given views of the Small Isles, but I was happy to be here as it was. The bay between Ockle Point and Rubha Aird Druimnich is particularly craggy and wild. With any weather coming from the north or west this would be a committing place to be in a sea kayak.
I came across some other paddlers. They had come across from the old village of Smirisary. I had considered heading there for another night out, but they reckoned it was busy with campers, so I opted simply to head for Ardtoe and my landing point. The sun was beginning to appear as I came to the glorious beaches around Camas an Lighe.

It was warm enough now to induce me to do some rolling and rescue practice before a short paddle into the entrance to Kentra bay, where there is a handy pier beside the road.

Unfortunately I now had a 6 mile walk back to my car. I hitched a lift part of the way, from a fisherman who had "lost a boat" off Ockle Point. He didn't elaborate, but a fishing boat was lost with all hands near here fairly recently.
The scenery round Kentra bay eased the pain of the walk.

Only a 4 hour drive home from here!

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  1. I read your posts for all 3 days of your trip. Really looked nice and great pics too. Sorry I couldn't share that bottle of wine. :)