Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Trouble with Sea Kayaking

I'm quite an untidy person but it's not generally something that upsets me a lot. I do, however, make quite an effort to keep all my paddling stuff together; it makes the mornings an awful lot easier. Unfortunately it never seems to work- there is always something missing. In addition, I'm reasonably good at trying to soak all the briny stuff out of my gear after paddling. This gets to the stage of, fairly regularly, washing the car to get the sand off.
The upshot of all this is that a short day paddling can mean 10% of the time in the boat and the other 90% packing and unpacking. Today was a bit like this. Are there people who could be paid to do this? I need someone a bit like a home help but to get me ready to go out of doors. There seems to be a definite gap in the market here. Maybe there are au pairs who hate children but could clean all my kit for me.
This was a short day, Aberdour and round Inchcolm, but I have spent the last few hours cleaning up.
There was a loose plan to meet Ken and Sarah at the Silver Sands beach in Aberdour. I was there slightly early, and they were slightly late, so I ended up paddling over to Inchcolm myself. It was a busy day for ships.

I was happy to give way to the Moritz Shultz heading out of Braefoot Bay.

There were some climbers out at Hawkcraig, one of the even wearing shorts.

Inchcolm was looking quite spring like, and with no warden present, I was able to go for a wander. There is quite a crop of wild wallflower.

From the top of the wee hill I spotted Ken and Sarah heading for the west of the island. I ran down to my boat and gave chase. They thought they were chasing me (having spoken to another kayaker earlier), and I thought I was chasing them, so it was quite a quick circumnavigation before we met up. I really ought to start using my radio more often- it would save a lot of effort.

After a wee nosey in some rocks,

we headed back over to admire the harbour houses in Aberdour.

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  1. I have this experience too. Last Thurs. I paddled 2 hrs., and spent an hour getting everything ready and boat loaded before work. Then, unloading after work, re-loading everything up again after your paddle, driving home, and unloading again. But you want to clean your gear (luckily I'd washed my boat down at the dock) and return everything to it's place. 2:3?