Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring is here

It's been a lovely morning here, and once Coldwetwater junior had stirred from his pit, we set off for an afternoon on the upper River Braan. Perthshire was looking very picturesque, with lambs and calves in the fields.
With only 2 of us paddling it was a bike shuttle. The day was balmy enough for CWW jun to have another snooze whilst senior did the hard work.

The Braan is always on the move, and generally good fun on the way down to the rapids above the road bridge.

The water was diabolically cold, though. We'd been out on the Tay 2 weeks ago, and it hadn't seemed nearly so bad. There is still snow lying in the fields, and the snow to flow time here is very short- there are no big lochs to warm it up.

As usual with paddling, there are no pictures of the main event. We had an audience for it as another group of paddlers arrived just as we finished our inspection. It was bumpy and splashy for a good long way.

And for a change no salty gear to clean out!

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