Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hebridean Sharker, part 2

With no sharks so far, my reading of "Hebridean Sharker" suggested that the best plan might be to move south. Before doing so, I had a gentle day exploring the collection of small islands north of Great Bernera. I launched from Bolsta Beach.

I liked Bolsta Beach so much that I later bought a painting of it.

There is a curious object in the water here. I later found out it was a Time and Tide Bell. Despite my fiddling about with it, I couldn't get a tune at all.

The islands here are full of interest. Campaigh has a tunnel right through it. There are 3 entrances, one of which isn't navigable at low tide, and might give a sore head on a higher tide.

Still no sharks, though, so I decided to move down to Harris, camping at Horgabost. I only had a short paddle, as the weather was changing for the worse. The bike shuttle was also quite challenging due to strong winds and steep roads. Starting from the lovely church at Roghadal I drifted along the coast.

The east of Harris has a wild rocky coast, and I saw a couple of otters.

Finally I could go no further.

Harris is another wonderful place for paddling, with huge potential for both long and short trips. The complexity of it's shape means that there is always likely to be somewhere to go, wherever the weather is coming from.
If you're looking for a luxurious base, Agnes and Bill Cross have a lovely house with possibly the best view in the world. I had dropped in to visit them and had an impromptu meal of lamb's liver, so fresh it had been running around the hillside that morning.

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