Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Little Building Work on the Forth

One of the biggest engineering tasks of the century is getting under way as work begins on the new Forth Bridge. Judging by the equipment on site, it's being put up by Bob the Builder.

Perhaps that shouldn't be too surprising, as it is actually being built in Poland, Spain and China. We saw a big barge being towed out to sea today, maybe to go and pick up the caissons which are being built in Poland and brought back be to dropped in the Forth. I think we'll just need a team to come down from Ikea with an allan key to put it all together. Scottish building prowess seems to be on a downward slope since this...

...the reason for the new bridge, of course, is that this one (below) is said to be a bit rickety. It certainly sounds as if there a few loose nuts and bolts when you paddle under it. Driving over it is even worse due to the frequency of the lane closures.

Having toured the construction site, we had a wee halt on Inchgarvie, under the rail bridge. The birds are beginning to get a bit hostile as the nesting season nears, but it's a fine view point.

After all this tiring work we persuaded Ken to tow us back across the river. A very relaxing crossing for some.

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  1. I too was shocked to read in the Scotsman that all the steel segments for the deck were to be fabricated in Spain and China. From what you say the caissons are to be made in Poland.

    It shows how completely de-industrialised we are. The SNP and others shout for infrastructure projects to stimulate but our economy but it seems they will mainly stimulate other countries economies. How do you stimulate an economy when you dont really have one?

    I hope you were wearing your industrial hard hat under these bridges!! Elf and Safety first!