Saturday, 6 March 2010

Isle of May

The Isle of May beckoned today. It was a latish start from Anstruther, but this didn't seem to inject any urgency into proceedings- it never does with the junior Coldwetwaters.

On this occasion, though, it was Ken who was slowest to be on the water. The junior CWWs were away ahead, but on leaving the harbour it was noticeable that they were taking a devious down the tide route. This meant Ken and I could have a reasonable pace and still get there ahead of them.

We explored a wreck at the north end while we waited for them.

The west coast had a bit of a swell running, and we had a gentle wee surf into the beach and tiny harbour. This inlet is remarkably easy to miss from the sea. The tourist boat must have a tight fit to get through the channel to it.

Unfortunately the late start didn't allow for any exploration on land, so it was a quick snack then round to the cliffs on the east side. These were sheltered from the waves, so it was a treat to explore the tunnels and caves. This stretch of coast is a delight comparable to the Bass Rock. We had the added fun of some inquisitive seals coming up at arms' reach.

Angus and Calum decided to go down this rabbit hole at one point.

One last archway before heading back to Anstruther.

We hit the beach in the harbour at 6.15, in the gathering gloom.

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