Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Lofoten, the wild side

The weather wasn't entirely bad. Sunny spells did happen, though sometimes at inconvenient times of night.

We moved base to Flakstad, a pretty but tiny village with a campsite that could have come straight from the Outer Hebrides. The cemetery suggested a fishing history.

I was very keen to see the west coast of Moskenesoya and to paddle past the fabled maelstrom. Unfortunately a major storm was approaching, and a forecast of force 10 on land couldn't be ignored. We had 2 days in which to make a dash to this coast, surely the biggest kayaking attraction of the Lofotens. It was time only for an out and back trip, passing Kvalvika beach on the way to a camp at Horseid.

Kvalvika featured in a wonderful film on Vimeo, called North of the Sun. Two Norwegian surfers spent a winter here, living in a shack made of driftwood, and spending the short days surfing and beach cleaning. It's pay to view, but well worth it.
We camped at Horseid, one of Earth's special places.

With heavy hearts we then to retreat and find a roof over our heads for the storm.

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