Monday, 30 April 2018

Dodging the weather

I had a week of paddling planned with William, from his mother's house in Lochcarron. The weather was pretty blustery, so we quickly decided not to go off camping, and instead had a series of day trips. The joy of this was that 95% of the time we were paddling downwind, with little effort and lots of surfing. Great fun, but not conducive to photography.
Applecross was wonderful on a spring morning, as was the cafe in its walled garden. We took the opportunity for a brew up at the lovely bothy. I won't publicise its name, but it is well known to sea paddlers. A great place, which even has it's own library.

 Outside, a submarine was cavorting about, going in circles. It turned out that the daughter of my friend John was aboard, but not to blame for the erratic driving.

 A calmer final day took us to Loch Torridon, home to vicious squalls and the biggest sea urchins I have ever seen.

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