Saturday, 4 November 2017

Building a boat

I've long had a hankering after building a boat, but I'm not a terribly handy sort of person, and the pictures of projects that I had seen all seemed to involve lots of sharp implements and many many clamps.
Then I came across the website of Orca Adventures, which is Steve and Dan from near Penrith.
They do regular canoe building workshops in a big shed outside the village of Great Strickland. A four day weekend is long enough, and the village is a lovely place to stay.

First cut up wood

Roughly assemble

Tie it all together

Tape and epoxy the joins

Think about that later

Pause and admire

Pretend to help

A coat of varnish

First coat of paint

Lots of colours to choose from

Add yoke and seats

Second coat of paint

Watch paint dry

Carry it home

So now I have the loveliest open canoe I have ever seen. Unfortunately I have no where to keep it and I'm not that keen on open boating, but I guess I'll get over that.
It seems to need a name. I'm thinking about "The Vital Spork".

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