Sunday, 8 October 2017

Greenland again

Keen to escape the searing heat of a Scottish summer, I returned to East Greenland this year.
For anyone that loves travelling and paddling in wild places, it's a true paradise.
Normally the short summer brings settled calm weather, but this year we were bedevilled by breezy days, and an unreliable but alarming weather forecast. This restricted our movements somewhat, but we still found some remarkable places.
I won't give a blow by blow account, but if you want to go, contact Martin.

 The scene at Tasiilaq camp site.

 We had some tricky landings.

 But they gave great campsites.

  Old graves prompt some thought on what life here was like even relatively recently.

The remains of "Bluie east two", an abandoned US air force base, provide one of the most surreal landscapes I've even seen. It was abandoned almost overnight, and the toxic content of tens of thousands of barrels of fuel allowed to leak into the ground. The Greenlanders had no say in the matter at all.

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