Friday, 1 July 2016

A couple of kayaking cafes

Angus and I set off for a hill walking holiday, fitting it in before Oxfam sends him back off to some desperate part of the world. We took boats too, thankfully, as the rain in Glenelg was so heavy that paddling seemed likely to be drier than walking. There is an excellent launching spot at the very end of the road that winds round to Arnisdale. The community hall has open toilets, a covered verandah, a fresh water river for rinsing, and, above all, Sheena's tea hut. It really is a hut. When three cyclists arrived it was a tight fit, but there's a stove, wi-fi and huge slices of chocolate cake.

This is now high in my list of all time favourite cafes.
Loch Hourn was grey but calm. We pottered about, visiting Barrisdale and a couple of the holiday cottages on the south side of the loch. At high tide the thift at Barrisdale was growing underwater.

The following day brightened enough for a good scramble on the Forcan Ridge

After that we fled the rain to the east coast, and a dolphin hunt at Ardersier. We did indeed see some dolphins, but it was a bit rough to be taking pictures. The tide does odd things as it zig zags betweeen Fort George and Fortrose, and there was a fair breeze too. The big find was the Rosemarkie Beach Cafe, another great spot for a paddler refreshment.

All in all, not a bad trip despite some miserable weather.

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