Thursday, 15 May 2014

A ............ of Puffins

What is the collective noun for a large collection of puffins? If it is just "flock", it would be a bit disappointing. CWW junior 2 and I headed out to the Isle of May today, under rather grey skies. I don't know anywhere that has more puffins, though.

A large new visitor centre has been build close to the pier. It's a lovely building but for the moment only houses a few benches and bits of dead bird. I'm sure it will improve when it is finished. There were about a dozen RSPB staff staying out.


  1. Oh, this is brilliant Iain! Fantastic images - sea pinks and Puffins. Perhaps it should be a "charm" of Puffins, but that's already taken by Goldfinches.....

    Kind regards

  2. Great photos. A gale of puffins?