Saturday, 5 January 2013

Seeing in the New Year

It's become a bit of a family tradition to paddle the River Feshie at New Year. We see in the New Year at a house just where it joins the Spey, and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to come straight off the water into a hot shower.
This year, Little Miss CWW and I ventured out. "Upland gales" and blizzard conditions and closed the Cairngorm ski area.

Being a hardy student type, Little Miss hadn't bothered to bring anything to keep her hands warm. By the time we had dragged our boats to the river, she was throwing up because of cold extremities. In sympathy, I took a photograph.

After a bit of rewarming, and hijacking of her Dad's pogies, she was looking a bit happier, despite the blizzard.

 The Feshie consists of some short fun rapids at the top, followed by a long shallow bouldery section (greatly exposed to the weather), and a fast and furious gorge. Just before the fun run started I managed to get broached on a couple of rocks. Fortunately, Little Miss CWW was out of her boat at the time, and managed to rescue me before an undignified exit. She seemed to think that rescuing her parent was not part of the deal, but it seems to me to be part of the circle of life. Maybe she'll carry me up a hill next.

Speaking of hills, the following day I was wandering about in a bog below Cairngorm when I met Owen. How he recognised me I do not know. I bought my first sea boat from him several years ago. His memory and ability to see through several layers of outdoor gear are amazing.

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