Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tows, swims and lifeboats

Quite an eventful trip really. We set from Leven, which is a bit prettier since the power station (backdrop to at least one Jack Vettriano painting) was knocked down.

There was a fair breeze to take us up towards St Monans, and with a party of mixed experience, one swim and  lots of towing livened up the day.
The route took us past the chain walk, one of the prettiest parts of the Forth coastline.

It can be a lively spot when the wind, as today, is blowing onshore. There is a beautiful beach to picnic on between here and Earlsferry. While we were eating our sandwiches, a mayday call came through on the VHF. A dive support RIB was drifting away from Elie, the starter cord on its outboard having snapped. Three divers were stuck in the water.
Niall dashed off to the rescue.

We made it to the RIB just before Anstruther and Kinghorn lifeboats, but, not having much to offer, left it to the experts.

All to soon we were in St Monans, a fine place to finish.

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