Thursday, 19 January 2012

Back on the sea

It seems ages since I was out on the sea, though I've had some cracking hill walking days, and a couple of river trips on water far too high to stop for photographs.
The forecast today wasn't great, and I was resigned to household tasks. The morning, however, was lovely here at home, sunny and still. A quick dash to the nearest bit of sea seemed reasonable. As I got in the car, the radio gave a high wind warning for the Forth Bridge (20 miles away as the crow flies).
Seafield beach is close to the site of the old colliery, now a housing estate. The beach still has big black areas. When I was wee it was common to see folk collecting coal from the beach.

The bay here was calm and sheltered, and I initially thought of heading to Inchkeith Island. Unfortunately the wind started to pick up quickly, and the sky clouded over. It looked as if the forecast snow wasn't far away. A crossing against the wind and tide would have been hard work.
I simply headed up the coast to Kinghorn harbour. By the time I arrived, progress was slow.
Kinghorn could be a pretty place, but it's spoiled by the rows of caravans so familiar to anyone who uses the East coast main rail line.

I had my soup as the wind picked up again. It was now very cold, and a downwind sprint for home seemed the best bet. My Chillcheater spray deck is really hard to get onto this boat, and by the time I was properly lauched my hands were frozen. By the time I was home, the snow was lying on Falkland Hill.

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