Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Long and the Short in Lewis

Following our Taransay debacle the weather turned truly awful for a day.

Harris is still a very atmospheric place when it's wild, We walked to the abandoned village of Strup Arasaig. The last family left in living memory, and their names were still on stones within one of the ruins.

Not all was lost on the paddling front, though. Bill has a sit on top, and we planned a more sheltered route on Little Loch Roag, in Lewis. It's a fair drive from Harris, but gave us the chance of a down wind, not too challenging paddle. The downside was an hour long cycle into the wind and rain to complete the shuttle.
The scenery is wild, if not dramatic, and the weather added to an edge of the world atmosphere.

We were glad to have managed to squeeze in some more time in boats, even if they were a bit mismatched.

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