Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Industrial Paddling

Living in Fife means that not all my paddling is done in the wilds. Our local coastline sees a lot of industry, and the close by rivers have powered a lot of mills over the years. There are some pretty sights in unlikely places, however. FCAG recently had a paddle from Leven to Kirkcaldy. This must be one of the most unpromising bits of coastline in Scotland, but the low winter light did cheer it up a lot.

Methil is not a place I would normally choose to pause in, but the patterns and colours in the docks were lovely.
Last weekend was a complete contrast, paddling the Allen Water through Dunblane to Bridge of Allen. Old mills, rail bridges, motorway bridges and industrial debris are everywhere, The river is heavily engineered and channeled in places, but it all adds to the interest of he trip.

The weirs make for the big excitement!

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  1. Hi Iain,

    Lovely details on the old pier - and there's a fair bit of water in that weir too!