Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Day out of Crail

Cellardyke Harbour. Click on the picture for the full panorama!
Trevor and I had a wee trip out from Crail Harbour today. Trevor has the good fortune to live 50 yards from the slipway, so started the day by trolleying down from his house to the harbour. It was on the breezy side, so we decided on a short haul to Cellardyke, with a picnic in the harbour and a pleasant drift back home. I was also trying out my new Werner paddles. They are marvellously, almost impossibly, light, but then they probably should be at the price.
We had our picnic in the company of Crispin Heath, the hugely experienced coach and owner of East Neuk Outdoors. He and Trevor are old friends, and whisky was changing hands. I've never before been on a paddling trip on which the return trip was better provisioned with Glenfiddich than the outward journey. Crispin's house is right on the water, at the extreme right of the panorama picture above.

The return was brisk and fun, with the necessity to dodge some big boomers on the way into the harbour. A short but lovely day out.

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