Sunday, 29 November 2009

A November Day at the Chain Walk

I've been recovering from a sore chest, inflicted on me when playing canoe polo recently. Having not paddled for about 3 weeks a fine Saturday morning seemed a good chance to see how much it hurt to get back on the water. I started in Lower Largo and set off towards Elie, following in the wake of Fife Sea Kayak Club, who had arrived shortly beforehand.


It takes under an hour to cross Largo Bay to Shell Bay then Kincraig Point. Here there is an interesting diversion to the Fife Coastal Path known as the chain walk. On foot it is a fun "via ferrata" along the rocks. The geology along here is very striking.



There were several other paddlers out enjoying the low sunshine catching the rocks and beaches. Largo Law was lit up by the afternoon light, as were the Lomonds in the distance.

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