Sunday, 6 September 2009

4 star leader training

I'm not long back from Skye, where I went to do 4 star leader training with Gordon Brown. The drive there was livened up by some spectacularly wet weather. There were times when I was down to 20mph because it was barely possible to see out of the car. The following morning, however. I woke to a fantastic view from the window of Effie Nicolson's B+B in Saasaig.

The first day was fine and blowy. I'd thoroughly recommend training with Gordon. He pushes everyone, and is an entertaining as well as a talented teacher. He was accompanied by Rowland Woollven, another very interesting level 5 coach. 4 star training involves 2 days on the water (in the water, a good deal of the time), and a day of theory. The theory day was in many ways more taxing than the practical ones, but was lightened up by a slideshow on Rowland's attempt to circumnavigate the UK last year.
As always seems to be the case on sea paddling courses, the company was excellent. Isle Ornsay hotel does some lovely food and beer.

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