Saturday, 13 June 2009

Catterline caves

Catterline is a quaint wee harbour between Inverbervie and Stonehaven. In the absence of a shuttle, it makes for an interesting 18km or so round trip to Stonehaven, along a coast with caves, arches and tunnels and seabirds by the thousands.

The first big arch is just out of Catterline at the The Garran.
It was rather a grey day, with a bigger swell than I was expecting- taking pictures was a bit tricky at times. The weather suited the mood of the scenery at Dunnottar Castle.

The rock along here is a conglomerate which presumably erodes easily to form the caves and passages. The hollows also give nesting points for the multitude of birds. The soundtrack of the day was crashing waves and screeching birds.
Stonehaven harbour was a lovely spot to stop

And I was careful not to break the speed limit. Cruise control was on.

With a return journey facing the swell it was easier to explore some of the caves.

This one had several skylights.

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