Wednesday, 18 March 2009

North Esk

The first warmish day paddling this year! A mid-week half day and lengthening evenings had as heading north to Edzell and the North Esk.
It's an interesting approach through the flatlands of Strathmore, into Edzell, then very suddenly into the Highlands. The river starts in the open glen, then turns into a mossy gorge, and the paddling is of the pooldrop variety.

The water level was described as a "scrape" on Wheresthewater, but this wasn't a problem other than on the introductory first few hundred yards. There are lots of tight twists, turns and drops, with a couple of more intimidating rapids. The "Triple Steps" seemed to have five steps thanks to the low water.

I didn't get a picture of the final Fishladder Falls as it was beginning to get a bit dark. Absolutely nothing to do with me being in the water at the bottom!

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